Throughout this journey, we have been guided, helped, supported, and inspired by numerous kindness ambassadors along the way. We don't have a corner on the market of kindness.

Whitney Nolan

Elementary School Principal

Our initial, go-to kindness ROCK STAR! Whitney...we have this idea...YES! We'd like to order shirts... YES! We'd like to do a video...YES! We'd like to have a BIG vision casting...YES! NEVER has she waivered in her support of #BeKind because she gets it. In her own words, "It's who we are". Yes, Whitney. It's definitely who YOU are! 


Doug Knott

Elementary School Principal

Doug Knott is one of the most compassionate and kind individuals we've ever met. He has taken our simple concept and changed the entire dynamic of Liberty Elementary. Along with his staff, Doug models kindness and "teaches" character in a variety of creative ways. We can't wait to see what he will come up with next! 


Elaine Federico

Private Counselor and Parent

Elaine was the first parent to approach us about bringing #BeKind to her school. As a private counselor and parent, she has seen the crippling effects of unkind behaviors and wanted change. Elaine has the tenacity of a bulldog and the heart of an angel. She worked through many obstacles to get this initiative off the ground at Liberty Elementary and continues to advocate for more schools to join.